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The fact the shirt only retailed for a year showed you what the FA thought of it. Gillham emphasises the benefit of a long-standing broadcast partnership and the fact that all games in the top two divisions are shown on TV, from Thursday evening to Sunday evening, which in turn drives sponsorship. The guy who captains Brive is called Said Hireche, whose parents are Algerian immigrants. ‘Here at Rouen I’ve got Dean Adamson, who was Bedford’s top try-scorer for years and years,’ said Hill. ‘The Top 14 and Pro D2 (second division) meet as 30 and that is the main, huge difference with English rugby,’ he said. Any health-check relating to investment and interest, exposure and dynamism would conclude that the French game is surging while the English game is declining. France now has three professional leagues and the promotion and relegation model is driving interest, while in England there is one professional division which is about to be ring-fenced – and the second tier is now chronically under-funded and under-valued.

He’s from the western suburbs of Paris – from a very tough town – and he got into rugby almost by accident, but now he is such a role model for our club, which is in a real rugby heartland. Lots more kids want to play rugby. At Vannes, there are easily seven or eight guys who could play in the Top 14 and four of them have already been signed up to make that move next season. 1996 – Three US servicemen are jailed in Japan for up to seven years for the abduction. “We definitely have been getting better these last three weeks,” Ryan said. We now have Under 14s, Under 16s and Under 18s playing in the top league in France, so hopefully we will have more Gabin Villieres coming through from Normandy. Orlando had taken a 1-0 lead on Will Johnson’s goal in the ninth minute as the Galaxy were trying to clear their lines following an Orlando corner kick.

Now-former Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown was all smiles on social media as he was chauffeured through New York City following his epic third-quarter departure from Tampa Bay’s win over the New York Jets in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday. “The worst rains will be over by Halloween (Sunday) morning. I will never forget being at Newcastle’s training ground when Kevin (Keegan) pulled me into his office and said, ‘I want you to listen to this’. The Championship should be seen as a breeding ground for young English players to get scouted by Premiership clubs. ‘Here, the LNR (representing the clubs) is a lot stronger than the English clubs, but the federation is a lot weaker than the RFU,’ said Worsley. In addition, the balance of power across the Channel is with the clubs, whereas here it is the RFU who hold sway. Playing budgets here are a fraction of what they are in France, but quotas there have ended the problem of expensive imports blocking gifted French youngsters, which had a negative impact on the national team. Here, each Top 14 and Pro D2 club have an academy, so there are 30 of them around the country. Now we have our own academy, we are attracting the best youngsters in Normandy.

3D american ball He identifies the rise of Vannes in Brittany as a symbol of how French rugby is in expansion mode and rails against the notion of creating a closed shop, as the Premiership are doing. Meanwhile, French rugby is expanding rapidly into new areas – both geographically and in terms of ethnic diversity. The diversity drive has been another positive feature of the French game in recent years, with clubs and the national team increasingly reflecting the country’s ethnic mix. He described for an audience at Saint Anselm College sending a recent text to rocker Jon Bon Jovi complaining about the cold weather in Iowa. Rhode Island — enough for the National Weather Service to urge coastal residents to stay away from windows. The Long Island Rail Road says its personnel worked through the night to clear rails of snow and ice, but riders still need to allow extra time on Thursday. ‘We had someone like Gabin Villiere, who came from a little club in Normandy, worked with me for six years and he has gone on to play for France. His deft kicking game has been effective in transition play from defence to attack. ‘Funding for the game just isn’t on the same level in the UK,’ he said.

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